About us

BodyPharm LTD is a limited liability company located in Japan. We produce a wide range of oral and injectable steroids for sport performance. We produce pharmaceuticals products as Methandienon, Oxymetholone, Clenbuterol and others. The same time we produce postcycle therapy products as a integrate part of using high quality steroids in bodybuilding, they are tamoxifen, provimed, clomed, and others. Our pharmacy is based on natural herbs and produces having a special ancient japan recipe, this means the assurance and the performance of the products.

BodyPharm LTD products are manufactured under GMP guidelines and the consumers can be sure about the high quality of the pharmacy they use. We aim to develop a wide range of pharmaceutical products that will improve health systems and will measure grade quality and performance for customers. We are to perform products that people can't afford, we are here to replace expensive medication at affordable prices for all and provide for the future more quality products and give them a worldwide brand popularity.